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We are JoJo, Dawna & Nettie Wolak, sisters and best friends.  Our love for each other is inseparable.  Each one of us completes the other.  We grew up working together at our parents' family business.  There, we learned what it takes to run a business and developed a strong work ethic.  


As young girls we dreamed of one day going into business together. This way, we could combine our talents and still spend our days together.


Now married with children of our own, we remain as close as ever. This may be due to the fact that we married brothers! 

So yes, our dreams have come true.  Every day spent with my sisters is a great day.


Our business name, SorellaBella Designs, was a "no brainer".   It means "Pretty Sister" in Italian, and Italian we are!


The Perfect Purse Protector is a product we felt was absolutely necessary for the woman who loves a nice handbag.  After numerous lip gloss spills and ink stains from leaking pens, it was time to take action.  Our product has a simple design, yet is a beautiful piece of art. The uses are endless.  Put one in your carry-on, attaché, or gym bag...the list goes on and on.


Patent  US D790,222 S 



SorellaBella Designs

Protecting Purses One Pocket at a Time

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