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The genesis of the Perfect Purse Protector

What the heck was I doing? I asked myself this question multiple times. I already had four children and a full schedule to keep me crazy busy. So what that I couldn't find a product online to slip in my purse pocket to keep those darn pen marks at bay.

Being a problem solver, I bought one of those cheesy clear plastic doctor-like pocket protectors and put it in my purse pocket. Yep, it would do the trick, or so I thought...

I used this item for several months and overlooked the fact that it was literally swimming in my purse pocket. Who cared that the mouth of the protector was way too narrow, making it hit or miss when I slipped my pen inside. It was solving a problem for me, and I was on my way to more important matters.

It's funny how sisters can finish each other's sentences. A sister knows what you're thinking even before you speak. I've never understood why a "husband" can't do the same. Anyway, back to the protector... I noticed one day that my sister JoJo also had a make-shift "protector" in her handbag. We never spoke of this dilemma in the past. How weird that she, too, wanted to protect her handbag.

I will say that JoJo's was nowhere near as good as mine. Hers was a fabric pouch that slipped in her purse pocket. How could a fabric pouch keep ink stains from leaking through I thought? She said it was simply put there to avoid the ink marks that inevitably came when she forgot to close her pen. Sisters are awesome! What geniuses we are!

Then it happened. My daughter came home one day in tears exclaiming that her brand new (and very expensive) handbag was ruined! Her lip gloss had leaked all over the lining of her bag. That stinking thing even had the lid on when it leaked!

Being the problem solver that I am, I quickly went to work attempting to "fix" her handbag. After a few different cleansers and a variety of choice words, I finally gave up. But I did not give in....

Introducing the Perfect Purse Protector...

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