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Keep it Clean and Keep it Organized

How many of you can say you still have all the pieces to the board games you played with when you were eight years old? I'm fifty, and those words ring true for me.

Growing up, our parents taught us to take care of our things. It was just the way it was and it seemed like the logical thing to do. I mean, who wants to play Monopoly when the "Hat" or the "Racing Car" is missing? Everything had a place and everything in its place. I'm thankful my parents trained us this way. This theme led the way to an organized and productive life.

I once heard a speech from a retired General and he said, "Be sure to make your bed every day so if your day doesn't go as planned, you still come home to a made bed." He was right. Have you ever had a tough day only to come home to a disheveled bed?

I haven't, but I can imagine it would feel like your whole life was in chaos.

Taking care of our board games led to taking care of our rooms, which led to taking care of our cars and so on. Life is just easier when you know where your things are and you know all the pieces are in place. I have found by taking care of things, you can save yourself a whole lot of money as well. A cared for automobile or a cared for home will result in a much higher re-sale price. It's pretty simple-people would rather buy from someone who takes care of their things.

Now, on to my purse addiction. I love purses. I actually get giddy when I shop for one. Soon, however, the "high" from that new handbag wears off and it's time for a new style. Thank goodness for online auction sites. They have actually allowed me to continue my addiction without losing too much money, why? Because, I take care of my things.

The Perfect Purse Protector will help you take care of your things.....

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