• Dawna Wolak

Christmas in September

I visited Sam's Club last Monday and was appalled to find two aisles completely dedicated to Christmas items. Now, I'm all for celebrating the birth of Jesus throughout the year, but I think September is a little early to begin the commercialization of our Savior.

Walking past the Christmas aisles sent a wave of stress through my body. Who wants to think about Christmas gifts when it's 100 degrees outside? It puzzles me to think a cookie purchased in September could be fresh until Christmas. Those must be some serious preservatives. Heck, I just survived the "Back to School" blitz. I think it's time we start boycotting this madness. I'm putting my foot down!

So for now, I'm going to look past the aisles filled with decorative wrap, wreaths and Christmas Trees. I'm pledging to live in the present and not the future. I want to enjoy today and not worry about who I need to shop for tomorrow, or even three months from now. Today, I will celebrate Jesus and all His glory by thanking him for the gifts He's already given me. Won't you join me?

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