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A Family Affair

I began working at my father's business (The Covina-Thomas Co.) when I was five years old. In fact, after working in various occupations, I'm happy to be back at the family business. Nothing beats working with my family. My father allowed all five of his children to be a part of the family machine shop. As young adults we stood side by side operating lathes and mills; all the while learning invaluable lessons about operating a business. We have nothing but fond memories of those precious years spent together. After 56 years in business, everyone knows where to find us. Our shop has become the place where old and new friends/customers return to catch up and reminisce.

Sometimes I feel pangs of guilt that my own children will never experience the joy of working with their siblings at a family business. They will never feel the closeness I have with my own brother and sisters because of the many hours spent together accomplishing great things. I'm thankful my kids are getting older and are now able to spend some quality time at the shop with their Grandpa. This past week my youngest son, Michael, was involved in the de-molding process of our Perfect Purse Protectors. I have to admit, I was a little emotional as we worked together. I was proud of his eagerness to learn the proper procedures and I'm thankful my Dad is in the back ground "cranking handles" in this photo. This day we experienced three generations of entrepreneurship. I think when you are involved in a family business, the pride of workmanship and the care that goes into each aspect of the operation is evident in the final product. Thank you for your loyalty and support!!

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