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We're Still in Business!

It hasn't been easy, but we're hanging in there. Last month was our most profitable month yet. It's been a very exciting and scary journey to say the least.


"Hey JoJo" (my sister), "I've got a great idea. Want to go into business with me?"

Thank goodness she said yes, because I would be lost without her. She has become the mastermind behind the incredibly difficult task of color mixing. I enjoy the manufacturing part, but I have no idea what colors mix to make new colors. I missed that day in kindergarten. JoJo has made our small business grow with her new ideas and background in art. I prefer getting my hands dirty on the manufacturing and design end. Together we are the perfect team.

I don't think either of us realized what we were getting into. The expense, the late hours, the long days at the Craft Fairs. It's been a rough beginning, but we seem to be getting our footing and things are starting to pick up. It's very exciting to know we've produced a product people want. Every time I get a notification of a "sale" from my website, I get excited.

Growing up, we got our entrepreneurial spirit from our father. We still work for him, in fact. We've worked together as a family our whole lives. It's wonderful working with family. It has kept us close and in each others' business, which is the way we like it.

Some can't believe how close our family is. We are so close, wait for it.....

three sisters married three brothers and some of us live next door to each other. It's strange to think my two sisters and I now share the same last name again. You may have to re-read the last few sentences. I know, it's very confusing to understand. Many have told us they know of two sisters marrying two brothers, but never three. Our favorite times are spent together. Can't get much closer than that.

So, as we close this year in the next couple of months, I pray that our small, woman owned, family business continues to grow and I give thanks for all of our loyal customers.

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