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Never search for your pens at the bottom of your purse again!


Perfect gift giving idea for those who are hard to buy for.


(Measurements: 4" tall x 2.5" wide x 1" deep)

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coming soon!

coming soon!

Locate your lip gloss in the dark


for those who enjoy re-selling their handbags!

The Perfect Purse Protector is made of sturdy silicone and designed to hold handbag items that tend to leak. The lovely exterior of the Perfect Purse Protector acts as a grip to keep your Perfect Purse Protector secure within the handbag pocket. 

How many times have you opened your beautiful and expensive handbag only to find a pen or lip gloss has leaked inside? Or perhaps you forgot to close your pen and now you have a big ink line down the side of the interior.

It’s so frustrating, irritating, and costly!

I set out to find a purse pocket protector to help me end this horror, however, I couldn’t find anything that would protect my pen pocket without completely having to purchase a full size purse liner. That wasn’t practical for me. I just wanted something small to protect my pen and lip gloss pocket. 


The last straw came when my daughter came to me with tears in her eyes after her birthday handbag had been all but destroyed inside by a lip gloss that leaked and would you believe still had the lid on it?  We all know how greasy those lip glosses can be leaving stains behind that are nearly impossible to remove.


I worked tirelessly on the grease stain to no avail. Her birthday gift was ruined. I knew in that moment I could no longer sit back and do nothing about this dilemma.


It was time to take action for all woman-kind, and so was born

The Perfect Purse Protector!

SorellaBella Designs

Protecting Purses One Pocket at a Time

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